JAMS Online Test Schedules

Special Notice Messages
If you are reporting from the 48th District Court, the Bloomfield Court and you are the colors; aqua, bronze, coral, cream, fushia, rose, rust, emerald, pearl, scarlet, navy, silver, HOL 48 and plum you must report this morning for testing only!

PM/AM - Testing beginning the evening of the date shown and may test the following morning. (Schedule updated at noon each day)


Gray 05/24/2015
Q 05/24/2015
Red 05/24/2015
White 05/24/2015


AM/PM - Testing the morning of the date shown
(Schedule updated at 5:00 a.m. each day)


Test Groups NameDate
Defcon3 05/25/2015
Defcon4 05/25/2015
Gold 05/25/2015
HOL48th 05/25/2015
How8 05/25/2015
Jade 05/25/2015
Khaki 05/25/2015
N6 05/25/2015
N7 05/25/2015
Peach 05/25/2015
Pearl 05/25/2015
Rust 05/25/2015
V 05/25/2015

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