JAMS Online Test Schedules

Special Notice


43rd DC Hazel Park Division: All clients called for testing on 9/1 must report for testing during the am on 9/2.


All clients reporting from the 39th D.C must report for testing on 9/2 am only!


Clients reporting from the 48th D.C. Bloomfield and have the colors aqua, bronze, cream, coral, emerald, fuchsia, navy, pearl, rust, rose, scarlet, Silver, and plum must report for testing in the AM only!



PM/AM - Testing beginning the evening of the date shown and may test the following morning. (Schedule updated at noon each day)


Test Groups NameTest Date
Red 09/01/2014
Green 09/01/2014
Beige 09/01/2014
Blue 09/01/2014
Gray 09/01/2014
Pink 09/01/2014
D21 09/01/2014
D3 09/01/2014


AM/PM - Testing the morning of the date shown
(Schedule updated at 5:00 a.m. each day)


Test Groups NameTest Date
HOL48th 09/02/2014
HOL3 09/02/2014
Gold 09/02/2014
Jade 09/02/2014
Peach 09/02/2014
Khaki 09/02/2014
Sanction 09/02/2014
Lavender 09/02/2014
Defcon3 09/02/2014
Defcon4 09/02/2014

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Regular Hotline Call-in numbers:

248.836.3891 Spanish